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Ulo 'Stylish Traveller' Gift Set

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Treat the most stylish traveller in your life, appreciating that while we aren't moving much at the moment, a lot of us are taking short trips and nights away and making the most of short-travel.

Aspiring globe-trotters will love Taschen's 36 Hours World with all the hints and tips one could need for that 'round the world' trip, which hopefully won't be too far off...

And uber-cool publication 'Suitcase' digs deeper into some of the world's most coveted destinations.

24 Bottles tuxedo black reusable drinks bottle is a stainless steel wonder to take anywhere and everywhere. And with the sustainable credentials of this brand which supports reforestation and is a series B corporation focused on carbon neutrality you can rehydrate without a conscience.

Eco-luxury brand Bjork and Berries use the forest to inspire their clean skincare, including this light and soothing hand cream.

Finally, no traveller is set without some postcards to send to friends and family. These unique cards are hand-drawn by a UK fine artist (Ulo's founder's mother no less) and shine a light on Singapore, Thailand and now Bali.